My records begin with  Roger Pitt in Tiverton and are still under research until we come to Samuel Pitt born in1797 in Tiverton, Devonshire, UK. He was married to Ann Hutchins in 1820. He had five children in Tiverton. Samuel, John, Roger, Mary Ann, and Charles. He joined the British Army in 1826 and served in the 4th Foot (Kings Own). After service in Portugal and Ireland, he arrived in Sydney, Australia in 1831 in the vanguard detachment of the 4th Foot as a Sergeant on one of the convict ships. He served a term as sergeant /school master on Norfolk Island and took discharge to settle here in Australia. He was granted 100 acres and I believe took out the lease or purchased the Sir William Pitt Hotel. Within days he set off for Hobart where he took on the position of schoolmaster in Sandy Bay. He had four more children born at Battery Point Tasmania. He returned to Sydney in 1845 and died in 1847 the owner of the Black Boy Tavern, Sydney. His death certificate lists him as a publican. Roger went to Victoria and Charles came to Queensland in 1848 He went on to own many properties, became a magistrate and was the second to grow cotton in Queensland. 

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